​​Free Charity Clinic 

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Our Services

 Primary ​Care for Adults:
Limited Basic Primary Care services are offered. Qualified patients are provided with medical consultation and preventive screen recommendations. In the near future this may includes any related services, such as lab testing, imaging services and prescriptions that may be ordered by the physician/Practitioner.

 Chronic Disease Management (CDM):
Treatment for Diabetes, High Blood Pressure , High Cholesterol  and other chronic disorders are by appointment only.

 Social Service Referrals:
If you should need resources for other health and human service providers and basic needs organizations, the Clinic has information available and staff and volunteers able to answer any questions.

Specialty Care:
The Clinic will have various specialist services available at the Clinic on the 5th Friday of the month on as needed basis.

Nutrition Counseling:
Patients who are at risk for diabetes, hypertension and/or overweight are offered appointments with a dietician. During these one-on-one or group consultations, patients are given healthy eating habits, diet suggestions and follow-up appointments.

Patients with complex medical condition requiring care beyond the scope and capabilities of the clinic will be given resources and guided to partner healthcare facilities.

 Mammogram Mobile Unit:
No Cost Mammogram is provided in Partnership with University Health System.

Services Not Available:
While the Clinic is able to provide many services, the following is a list it does not provide:

Emergency Care is not provided. This is Not a walk- in Clinic.
The Clinic does not carry, dispense or write prescriptions for controlled medications.
​General Physical Exams.
Gynecological or Obstetrical Care (including pap smears).
Pregnancy Testing or Prenatal Care.
Medical Care for pregnant women.
​The Clinic will not be able to be serve Behavioral Health related complains.Severe Mental Health illness including: schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, ADD-ADHD, personality disorders, severe depression or severe anxiety.STD testing or STD treatment.Dental Care.Cancer screening or treatment.Surgery.